Working moms have more successful daughters and more caring sons, Harvard Business School study says.

I was reading an article today from Quartz saying that working moms have more successful daughters and caring sons. I think they may be right, but I also think that the love and attention a child is given are also key ingredients. It's not either or. Our Mom, Mama Xit, worked all the time while my sisters and I were growing up.  It was not out of choice, but out of necessity which is the case with many families. What was key for us was that she still took care of us, gave us love and attention, and feed us properly. She still does! She always made time to cook a proper meal for the family and of course, she showed us love in other ways too. It was tough for her, but I would do the same for my children. 

It all goes to show that love and attention from a mom (and dad) goes a long way in creating happy, successful, and healthy children and adults.



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