We are small, and we have big plans for the future. We are creating what we refer to as the 'Happy Company', a place and an environment fueled by original ideas and creative thinking.

We are looking for the right individuals to become part of our growing Little Moony family. If you like children, enjoy interacting with others, have a warm and outgoing personality and are looking for an opportunity to grow with us, we are looking forward to meeting you.  

We are currently looking for the following positions (click link below for more info):


Store Assistant (Soho/Part-time)


Sales Associate (Soho/Part-time)


Sales Associate (Soho/Full-time)


Assistant Store Manager (Soho/Full-time)


Digital & Social Strategist (part-time/full-time)


If you have a unique talent outside of the jobs listed and think you would be a great fit, please send us an email along with your resume to: contact@littlemoony.com. Please include a cover letter and tell us a few things about yourself, your relevant work experiences, and why you believe you will make a good addition to our team. Emails without a cover letter will not be reviewed. 


10 Things we view as prerequisites for succeeding at Little Moony: 

  1. Being on Time
    Always be on time. We are technologically so advanced as a society that there is no excuse not to be on time. Being on time in our world means being at least 5 minutes early.
  2. Work Ethic
    aka Soft skills: Take initiative. Show respect. Be open for feedback. Do more than the minimum. Have integrity. Hold yourself accountable for your actions. Own it.
  1. Effort
    Just showing up is not enough. Every day poses new challenges and demands new answers. We have to make an effort. Every day.
  2. Body Language
    Be professional in the way you act and present yourself. Mannerisms, language, and always with a smile on your face.
  3. Energy
    Little Moony is a happy place. Your personal energy level needs to be in line of the values and the energy of the brand and the store.
  1. Attitude
    Stay positive. Be nice. Be humble. Let your personality shine. But leave your ego at home.
  2. Passion
    Be passionate about what you do. Life is just too short.
  1. Being Coachable
    Learn. There is at least one thing you can learn and improve on any day. Every day. 
  1. Doing Extra
    If you enjoy working in your current role, then that is perfectly fine. If you aspire to grow and be promoted, then you will have to go the extra mile. We will teach you what that entails.
  2. Being Prepared
    Learn from yesterday. Prepare for today. Develop a plan. Develop goals. Define how to achieve them.

As Little Moony grows, you will have a unique opportunity to become an essential member of our Little Moony team. As mentioned, we are small, but we have big plans for the future. If you want to be part of that future, we are looking forward to meeting you.

Little Moony is an equal opportunity employer.