We are family. Designed in New York by Thuy ("Twee"), and made in Los Angeles by Thuy's mother, our baby and children’s clothes ("Little Moonies") are comfy, fun, and stylish to wear all year round. Childhood is innocent, fun and colorful, and we believe children's clothes should be too.  We create easy-peasy, simple silhouettes in natural fibers and eco-friendly fabrics with unexpected, cute, one-off details. Always special, never boring. Thuy Diep holds an M.A. in Fashion Studies from Parson’s School of Design. Her mom has been a Master Tailor for over 40 years.



We are a mother-daughter team. Our story began on a lazy Saturday afternoon in Spring 2014: while my mom and I were sitting in the living room of my niece's home in New York City, I noticed that she was wearing the cutest and most stylish dress and at the same time was comfortably rolling around and playing in complete, unconstrained bliss. “Where did you buy this?” I asked my sister. “It’s so simple, easy-peasy and chic”. My sister smiled and said “Mom made it, of course.”

It was an AHA moment. I turned around and said “Mom, how do you feel about creating a children’s collection together?” After all, she is a master tailor, has been sewing for over 40 years. She expertly hand-stitched all of her five children’s’ clothes when we were babies and toddlers, often in airy, white cotton fabrics. White, as she said, because the color looked clean and breezy and reminded her of childhood innocence.

As we began to share ideas, we felt we had found an incredible source of inspiration. In all my seven years in the fashion world of THUY, my eponymous ready-to-wear label, it had never occurred to me to collaborate with my mom. But now, seeing our little niece happily playing in a dress that not only looked good, but also felt good for her to wear, it all began to make sense. So the idea for Little Moony was born.

Together with my Mom, we simply want to create children’s clothes … our way: cool-looking clothes that both parents and kids will love alike. 



Little Moony Thuy

I currently live, design and operate Little Moony in Chelsea, New York. I have been a fashion designer and entrepreneur for over 10 years. Educated at Brown University (B.A.) and at Parsons School of Design (M.A.), I realized early on that fashion was my calling. In 2005, I co-founded and became the Creative Director for my acclaimed eponymous label THUY in New York. I'm proud to say that my THUY collections have been showcased at New York Fashion Week and featured in global fashion magazines including WWD, W Magazine, Elle, InStyle, Marie Claire, and Vogue.com. 

As the founder and designer for Little Moony, I'm entering a new chapter of my professional and personal life and I'm loving it. 

Spring/Summer 2011 THUY Collection

Little Moony Thuy

Sketch of Little Moony Butterfly Two-Tiered Dress

Little Moony Sketch


My Mom is a mother to five children, a grandmother to my sisters' children three times over, and an expert tailor. She is passionate and tireless!

Mama was trained in Saigon, Vietnam to be a professional tailor when she was a young woman. After graduating and before marrying her childhood sweetheart (my Dad, who is also a tailor), Mama Xit single handedly opened her own sewing school and dress shop in her home town of Phan Thiet.  This was unheard of back then. A woman opening her own sewing shop? But Mama Xit did it anyways. She operated a successful business of custom-making clothes for her clients while teaching her young apprentices the art of making patterns and sewing. Perhaps that is where my love for fashion came from.

Now in her 60's, Mama Xit remains a powerhouse in her energy and passion for creating beautiful clothes for little fashionistas.


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