Designing Mini Whimsical Masks as Weekend Project

It is April 17th and week 5 of the lockdown due to Covid-19. While the situation has put our lives at a grinding halt since March 15th (we temporarily closed our store to save lives and to adhere to the Governor's PAUSE order), I've been finding some peace, joy, and SANITY by keeping myself creative. I've been told that my spirit animal is a jack russell terrier, so I need to be active at all time! Anyway, being creative means for me, amongst many things, designing and sketching new Little Moony dresses and rompers for my Mom "Mama Xit" to make.  Incidentally, making Little Moony has kept my Mom sane during the lockdown as well. I think it is so important to take this time to find our hobbies and passion again, whatever that may mean for each of us.  

Design Board

Little Moony Sketch

One of the projects I will be working on over the weekend (although who can tell what day it is anymore) is designing mini masks, which Mama Xit will handcraft once I'm done. I'm starting with a gorgeous print: blush unicorn with gold metallic details. Because it's just Mom making them, so we can only produce very small batches for our community of friends and of course those who need them. Nonetheless, it gives Mom and me such joy to know that we can make small contribution with our mini, whimsical masks. We will end up donating the masks to parents in financial need. 

 The project came about actually today when a dear client of mine, who is also a parent, mentioned that his tot does not want to wear just any mask. She has a particular style and will only wear those masks that she loves. I don't blame her. While safety is important, I too love wearing a mask that is colorful, fun and whimsical (see image below).

Stay tuned. I will post more images when we make the first batch. 

Have a good weekend. Stay Safe. Stay Strong. Stay Inspired.

 xx Thuy

The new normal, wearing a prototype mask in our citrus print knit handcrafted by Mama Xit.

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Little Moony featured on The Bump!

Last week, we received an email from the team at The Bump, asking us if we wanted to be part of this fun story they are working on - 'Daddy-And-Me Romper Outfits' - they wanted to include our Splatter Paint Onesie. Apparently, there is a 'Male Romper Trend' that is happening right now... we are a bit on the fence on this one. We still think it looks much cuter on a baby. Check out the full story here.

Featured: Our Little Moony Splatter Paint Romper

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Little Moony featured on Poster Child Magazine

A few months ago, a fashion stylist visited us in our little shop in Nolita. Maria was working on a fashion editorial for a children's magazine at the time and thought Little Moony would be a great fit. The story just came out a few days ago, and we are so happy! It's truly wonderful... see the full story on Poster Child Magazine here.


Little Moony Trapeze Dress in Cat Eye Print


Little Moony barrette made by Mama Xit and rings (only available in our shop) 


Little Moony Harem Pants in Tree Print

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Nourishing Foods for Autumn

Autumn is here again. As a designer, I particularly love autumn because you can layer your clothes and wear your favorite knits and coats.  Coziness abounds. But autumn is also a magical time to look inward, to assess, to let go of wastes and the non essential, and to tune into the rhythm.  Eating with the season is a great way to stay in sync, and autumn presents a great opportunity to really enjoy nourishing foods.

In autumn there is increased cooling and drying. Watery fruits and vegetables give way to the drier ones such as carrots, potatoes, and seeds in all varieties. We also need more concentrated energy in the cooler autumn weather, and the denser foods such as the root vegetables (including garlic, onion, carrot, potato, and sweet potato), and dense squashes and gourds (including squash, acorn squash, and pumpkin). Also the dry, energy-rich nuts and seeds (including walnuts and sunflower seeds) are great choices for fall.

Because the weather is cooling off, it is best to avoid food that is cooling such as salads and raw foods.  You need longer cooking time and heartier ingredients are used to nourish the body and boost the immune system. Eat stews and soups. 

AND did you know autumn is associated with the lungs? So, eating foods that nourish the lungs and promote good breathing during this season is in order. A few examples are ginger, onion, cruciferous vegetables (cabbage, cauliflower), pomegranates, turmeric, apples, red peppers, beans, seeds, and nuts.

Here is a list of great foods for this season to add to your shopping list:


Acorn squash
Brussel sprouts
Autumn Greens
Sweet Potatoes
Asian Pears 
Mustard Greens

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