How Rocket Learned to Read

This is a sweet story about the inspirational powers of books. Also, it shows how great teachers can inspire students to love learning because they make it fun and engaging.

The story follows an extraordinary little yellow bird and a dog named Rocket, who is by all accounts a happy, go lucky dog.

"Rocket loved to play. He loved to chase leaves and chew sticks. He loved to listen to the birds sings”.

Life is great for Rocket but then one day as he is lying in his favorite spot under his favorite tree, a little bird recruits Rocket as her first student. We learn that Rocket can’t read and the little bird is more than happy to help. 

Little Moony Book Review

Her method to get Rocket interested in reading is quite clever. Rather than outright tell Rocket how great reading is for his imagination and mind,  she simply entices him by “singing” out loud a story about unlucky dog named Buster who lost his favorite bone.  She lets him experience the magic of books.

As Rocket lies beneath the tree where the little bird was reading, he unknowingly follows the story and becomes increasingly curious about what happens to the Buster. As Rocket becomes more and more engaged with the story, the little bird decides to end her reading. She closes the book and tells Rocket she’ll come back tomorrow at the same spot to resume her reading. She left Rocket hungry for more.

Sure enough, Rocket shows up early the next morning and waits for the little bird to continue the story about Buster.

And so begins Rocket’s journey. He shows up to class everyday and learns the alphabet by singing the sounds of each letters.  Soon Rocket spells out words.

I highly recommend this book, especially as a gift for a child who is learning to read. 

  • 3 - 7 years
  • 40 pages
  • Preschool - 2