Book: “This is a Gift for You”. Emily Winfield Martin

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 Reviewed by Honor McConnell, Little Moony Shop Assistant

'This is a Gift for You', by Emily Winfield Martin, is the beautiful companion book to her original New York Times bestseller, 'The Wonderful Things You Will Be'. As both the author and the illustrator, Martin weaves together a gorgeous and timeless poetic tribute about showing and sharing love. 

“This is a gift for you… Just something little and out of the blue.” 

As with many of Martin’s books, she focuses more on abstract emotional concepts, rather than a traditional story. How do we show love? Where do we find love? In gifts, of course! Whether it’s a physical gift, the gift of company, or the gift of a safe place, gift-giving is how we experience and interpret love within our relationships.

“The gift of ‘sorry’ when we’re wrong. The gift of singing your favorite song. The gift of knowing you better than most…the gift of seven kinds of toast.”

When read out loud, 'This is a Gift for You' sounds like an old love song. Martin’s cutesy yet whimsical paintings embrace this tone, as little rosy-cheeked children dance through each page under shimmering stars and bright flowers. If you look extra carefully, she’s even painted a daisy on every page, including the cover.


“This is a thing I know: If we watch the world closely…Magic will show.”

Emily Winfield Martin’s books are a staple in Little Moony’s bookshelves and for good reason. They are always a joy to both read and look at, and they manage to express complicated feelings in bite-sized pieces — this time in the form of a “small” gift! 

“This is a gift of our own, just two little people on a lucky blue stone. I want a forever of moments like these. But this is a gift, here, just you and me.”  

If you are looking for a way to show your love to a little person in your life, 'This is a Gift for You' is the perfect insightful keepsake book. It will be read for many years to remind them how loved they are.

40 Pages

For ages 3-7 years