‘What we’ll build’ is a wonderful, inspirational book about a father and his daughter, and all the things they build together.  

While the book starts off with the literal meaning of the word “build” – we see four pages of tools, and the items built with those – the book quickly expands on another meaning: to create the intangible things in life that are so precious to us: trust, friendships, experiences.

And so we follow father and daughter across multiple arenas – even an ocean – as they build their dreams, ideas and experiences together. There is no actual story line per se. The central theme is the inspirational messaging telling us that together, we can build anything, and not even the sky is the limit, all along learning from each other, sharing, and growing as individuals – ‘building’ in a larger sense of the world indeed.  

The book is full of inspirational messaging, paired with beautiful, cheeky illustrations. It is a nice read for little ones 3 years and up.