Reviewed by Honor McConnell, Little Moony Shop Assistant

"This is New York” by Miroslav Šašek (often known by his American pen name M. Sasek) has been a long-time classic, both around the world and here at Little Moony. It’s perhaps the most famous of his “This is …” series, alongside “This is London” and “This is Paris.” Full of quirky illustrations and witty commentary, Sasek’s walk through New York is a timeless love letter to the best city in the world (in our opinion).

First published in 1960, “This is New York” is a flashback to a time in the city gone by as well as an accurate reflection of what the city is today.

“New York is the largest city in the Western Hemisphere, and it is full of the Biggest Things.”

Every couple of decades or so, it’s reprinted by Simon & Schuster with new updated facts in the back of the book, all while maintaining the amusingly 1960s time capsule of New York.

Sasek proudly introduces “One of the tallest buildings in the world — the Empire State Building.” Of course, the beloved icon of New York is now dwarfed by dozens more tall buildings around the world, and hardly makes the cut as “one of the tallest buildings of the world.” Depending on which edition you buy, the back of the book will inform you that the tallest building in the world is the Petronas Twin Towers or the Burj Khalifa. My own copy, gifted to me when I was born, has the old World Trade Center “Twin Towers” listed as the tallest building in the world.

Yet, despite the occasional outdated tourist information, so much of Sasek’s description of New York still rings true — a testament to how the city has managed to maintain its same spirit and style over the past 64 years.

“The greatest humidity and heat attack New York in summer, New Yorkers counter attack with air-conditioners. When all the air-conditioners are turned on at one time, cables burn out and ‘dig we must.’”

Sasek is also an accomplished and iconic illustrator in his own right, which adds to the classic polished feel of “This is New York.” The retro 60s look stands out amongst the sea of other children’s books and catches the eye easily. (If you look closely at our storefront window — it’s always there!) He uses a vast color palatte of bright and muted colors with twisted shapes to display New York through a nostalgic lens, like an old fuzzy memory.

“This is New York” is a favorite gift for any lover of New York or future New Yorkers. Its ability to stand the test of time is a testament to its quality and the joy it has brought to multiple generations of children.

64 Pages
For ages 7 and up

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