This book is charming and endearing. It is about the unique bond between a grandfather (called "Papa" in the book) and his granddaughter. Papa is a widower and a man of habit. He has his normal daily routine of waking up, drinking his tea, taking walks, going to town to eat dumplings for lunch, all by himself. And every Thursday, he prepares for his granddaughter's visit by buying two orders of dumplings for take out and goes to the local arts and craft store to buy art supplies. He even picks some fresh flowers during his walk home. Then he patiently waits for his granddaughter to get dropped off by his daughter.  Their fun day together ensues...

Besides the sweet and emotional story, the illustrations are equally as touching. They are filled with warm watercolors and paper cut out style illustrations. The writing is sparse but filled with emotions for the adult reader. For the child, he/she will enjoy the specific ways the grandfather and granddaughter spent time together.

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  • Hardcover, 32 pages
  • Age 3-7
  • Wonderful gift for a grandfather or for a child who has a unique relationship with her/his grandfather.