Hi Linda! Here are my suggestions for the newborn baby girl gift. I have 4 suggested gift packages. You can of course mix and match. If you like the item(s), please add them to the cart and check out. We also offer gift wrapping. Thank you and please let me know if you need more suggestions.
Row1 (Package 1 with items 1-4): Unicorn squeaker, ruffle romper, floral sunnies, daisy sweater. The sweater would be ideal for the fall/winter.
Row 2 ( Package 2 with items 5-8): Organic whimsical bunny jumper, animal plush, organic pom pom blanket, lavender headband.
Row 3 (Package 3 with items 9-12): Heart sunnies, handmade elephant plush, floral jumper, wooden milestone blocks.
Row 4 (Package items 13-16): Purple strawberry appliqué dress, soft blanket, bunny rattle, customizable name train.