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Our Little Moony is in the hot seat for Pitch Night! See what happens..

I live and work in Chelsea.  Around here, there are a number of amazing stores that really make the area special. And if they carry children's clothes and accessories (check out my top 10 NYC children's stores in my next post), well that's even better.

STORY is one of my fav stores in the neighborhood. It is a concept retail store that 'takes the point of view of a magazine, changes like a gallery and sells things like a store'. I absolutely love it and discovered it about a month ago while walking around the neighborhood to buy a gift for my boyfriend's sister.

But wait.. I found out that designers and merchants like myself had the opportunity to present our products to the store. So, on July 9th I had the honor to present my Little Moony line to the lovely Rachel Shechtman, STORY founder, Bradford Shellhammer and Spencer Bailey during Pitch Night.  

It was so much fun and everyone was just so supportive and energetic. Honestly, I've never experienced retail this friendly! It felt like more like a party than work. 

 Our pitch went very, very well!  We could not be more pleased.  Stay tuned for our future collections at STORY.


Photos courtesy of STORY



The collection looks great and will do well at STORY. Good luck!

Nov 05, 2015

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