Here are exclusive, never-before-seen, behind-the-scenes footage from the Little Moony launch photo shoot in Chelsea! The crew consisted of our adorable, pint-size models - Romy, Chacha, and Chloe. These three little darlings are baby girls from family and friends. We couldn't have done it without them, their lollipops (thank god for the sugar!) or their super mommies. The mommies sure have some DIY hair styling chops! Of course not to miss our cool photographer Becky from Around Digital Media and Chacha's bff and our production assistant Mr. Danger (pictured below chilling with the studio cow Mr. Moo). 

 Picture 1: Sally, Chacha's mom, styling her hair in between breaks while Chloe, looking cool in our ruffle dress and rocking Chacha's pink shades, tries to pick up one or two styling tricks.

Picture 2 (Above left): Mr. Danger takes a doggie break with Mr. Moo   Picture 3 (Above right): Romy in our sleeveless dress and her soccer ball with Becky our photographer. Maybe Romy will get a cool tat like Becky's someday. 


Picture 4 (Above): The older and more sophisticated Chacha (left) is having a meltdown. Oh boy, dealing with these these two babies.

Photography Credit

Styling & Art Direction: Little Moony Team

Hair: Symone (Romy's Mom), Sally (Chacha's Mom), and Alison (Chloe's Mom)

Photographer: Becky Yee of Around Digital Media




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