Jory John’s book Penguin Problems is for readers who can appreciate a bit of dark humour even in a children’s book. With adorable illustrations and a matter of fact tone, this book is about a snarky penguin who seems to believe he has a lot of problems and complains about everything around him. Says the penguin when he wakes up, “It’s way too early. My beak is cold.” He becomes hungry and goes fishing for food, but of course “the ocean smells too salty.” We can all identify with having such a day. Then he comes across a very wise old walrus who sets him straight and tells him there are many things to be grateful for and to have a positive attitude. He ultimately takes the advice and sees the glass half full. While the story is simple, the writing is funny and I think children will enjoy the penguin and his short journey to becoming positive.

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 Jory John, author; Lane Smith, illustrator
- 32 pages
- 6.4 Inches W x 8.2 Inches L x 0.8 H
- Board Book
- 3 - 7 years