Little Moony Book Review

I do mindful meditation every morning to help me bring my attention to the present moment. Through practice, I am able to be present while acknowledging the existence of various thoughts that may sometime take me to the past and to the future. 

The book “Your Mind is Like the Sky” is particularly personal to me. It does a pretty decent job of conveying the concept of mindfulness and sets forth ideas on how to practice it.  The book does not directly address being present but primarily focuses on thoughts, particularly difficult thoughts that are a part of life. The author, psychologist Bronwen Ballard, uses the sky as the simile for the mind and clouds for thoughts, which I think makes it easier for children to grasp this abstract concept.

“Your mind is like a sky. Sometimes it’s clear and blue. Sometimes it’s fizzy and stormy, black and crackly. Often it is a bit gray.” 

And so the author asks, “So what can we do about rainclouds?”

The book offers ideas or “clever tricks” to deal with "rain cloud" thought because we have more power than we think when it comes to dealing with gray clouds. 

I generally like this book and would recommend it for the child who needs it or for caretakers who are interested in introducing the concept to a child. The writing is short, compact and almost in prose style.  The illustrations are beautiful and a bit melancholic, which is appropriate for the subject matter. It also includes tips and advice for the adults. 

Age: 7 - 10 years

Pages: 32 pages