I’ve been stocking this book since last year in 2019 but never had the opportunity to read the story. I initially saw and fell in love with the illustrations in this book and the eye-catching cover of course. It definitely has a vintage-inspired, Mexican folk art look to it but done in a fresh, contemporary way. The colors are bright and vibrant. The animals in the story are illustrated in such an adorable and creative way. Being a visual person, this is probably the first reason that drew me to the book. While the illustrations are stunning, the style is not for everyone, especially with the incorporation of neon colors.

This book offers a very positive message of sharing and cooperation. All the animals in the wood that found the house deep in the woods learn to live happily together. Eventually when a big bear comes along and can’t fit into it, the house comes tumbling down. But the big bear did a beautiful thing to correct his error. If you like a good bed time story to read to your little one, this is a decent one. The writing could be a bit more magical.

  • Number Of Pages: 32
  • For Ages3+ years old
  • Hard Cover
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